What actually is the AIDA model?

Many of us still know it from university times: The AIDA model. It is used almost everywhere in marketing. It helps us to get customers to react in a certain way. High time to brush up on old university lectures.

Why do you need a model?

The world is complicated. Models break down systems to their essentials and make them easier to understand. In marketing, too: proven models such as the BCG model or the SWOT matrix help us to design marketing measures more efficiently.

What does the AIDA model look like?

A sales pitch is like flirting: If you barge in, you’ve already lost. Instead, it is advisable to always start with the first door, as with the Advent calendar. AIDA is a step-by-step model for advertising effectiveness and comprises four phases. The model describes in very simplified terms how to persuade a potential customer to make a decision (e.g., a purchase).


Whether it’s the AIDA model, the AIDA formula, or the AIDA principle, as early as 1898, Elmar Lewis developed the formula for companies that were benefiting from high customer demand due to the economic boom at the time.