How can I implement a ranking of response options?

For a simple ranking of answer options, an assignment of places according to importance or preference (place 1, place 2, place 3 … ), you can customize a standard matrix question with a few clicks.

You place the answer options that should be ranked, at “Rows”. You rename the column headings for this purpose, e.g. to “Rank 1”, “Rank 2” etc. Important and decisive is the setting that only one answer may be given per column. A ranking realized in this way offers in contrast to the question type ‘Ranking question’, the advantage of a less complex evaluation in the evaluation menu.

This is how you proceed:

  • Select the matrix question at the standard elements and go into the edit mode via “Edit”.
  • Enter the options to be ranked at “Rows”.
  • Select the “Columns” tab and rename the preset scale to e.g. “Place 1”, “Place 2” etc. You can delete extra columns with the trash can icon. Use the blue plus sign on the left to add additional columns if needed.
  • Important setting: Go to “Advanced” and set a maximum of one answer per column. This ensures that each place/rank is only ever assigned once.

Tip: In the hint text, provide survey participants with information on how to handle this ranking, e.g.: “Please sort the following XXX in descending order. The / the / the XXX most important to you gets 1st place. Attention: each place can only be given once therefore please only one check mark per column.”