Discover why you can't afford to ignore personalized emails

The fact is: we all want to be seen. Even if only subconsciously, as humans, we love to get attention. And that starts with the subject line:

Subject line as a flagship: 47 percent higher open rates through personalization

If you are already doing email marketing, you know yourself that never all sent emails are read. There is often far too much competition for your own newsletter to be found next to subscribers’ inboxes. Therefore, give your readers a good reason to open your mail in 40 to a maximum of 50 characters. In addition to a curiosity arousing wording, this can be a personalized subject line. This is because your own name is perceived more quickly than other content, is also much more familiar, and thus has a positive effect on open and click rates.

The most exciting facts at a glance:

  • Personalized emails have a 72 percent higher open rate compared to generic ones. Mailings with a high degree of personalization, also in terms of content, even have an 81 percent higher click rate than non-personalized newsletters. (Study by the market research company MarketingSherpa).
  • Personalization is the most effective email marketing tactic for marketers at 50%. This is followed by meaningful call-to-action (38%) and segmentation (37%). (Survey by Ascend2, 2017)
  • A personalized salutation is an important point for good, clickable subject lines for 24 percent of respondents. (United Internet survey, 2019)
  • Personal touches perform 47 percent better than generic ones. (Benchmark research by Optimizely, formerly Episerver, 2019)