Something always amazes me when I visit my old mum, she always shows me new pictures every visit, old pictures from her youth age, we’ll laugh and smile while she tells us the story behind each picture. Most of these pictures are always in black and white because she was not from the digital age but regardless of the quality, I can always feel the beauty of the pictures as well as the joy in the heart of my old mum looking back into those days.

People from her generation most likely have many old pictures like that stored somewhere, probably boxed up in the garage, or in their closet. As time can be unforgiving, some may be damaged or probably too old but the owner still values them and remember every scenario that led to those pictures.

The big question is why do people keep their pictures? Well, the answer is simple, pictures are memories. When you are 65 years of age and you look into the mirror, what you see is your wrinkle face and you then imagine when you were 20 chuckles! But your pictures will definitely show you how you were when you were 20 provided you have one.

Same goes for memorable events, a day will come after many years when you will look back and imagine if you could have a picture of how it was. To women, the most memorable events will always crave for after the wedding is our hen party! that last night of enjoying what it means to be single.

Getting that memory isn’t a problem, although you will be busy that day which may make it a bit difficult to have quality pictures that you can look back to but relax, we are here to help you.

We create an unforgettable memento for the Bride-To-Be.  A hen party is something that happens once in lifetime hence, it’s a necessity that it has a good catch up which will make beautiful memories of the Bride-To-Be in the future; we ensure that we capture all the beautiful side of the event in a beautiful album that she can treasure forever.

We are equipped with varieties of materials as well as the techniques to help you make a stunning, creative and personalized memory book of your special day without missing out any point in the event. Our experts are always on work before the event to strategies on the techniques to get the best pictures of the event and with that, the Bride-To-Be or the organizer won’t have to worry about whether things are in place or not.

To crown it all, we’ll give the absolute best especially if the party is anchor by professionals like Magic Men hens night Sydney who know the importance of memory book and always make an arrangement that will help us in exercising our professionalism at its peak.

Based on professionalism, we recommend a Male Revue if you are planning a hen party that you can look back to after many years and still be happy. You can check their website to see why they are different from the rest.

With a reasonable and affordable amount, we will create a memory and not just pictures.



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